What is SEO? (2022)

what is seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing practice, which increases your website traffic by bringing it to the very top of Google and other search engines results pages. This way, the website gains multiple new qualitative users for free. *I often meet people who consider SEO optimization valuable only for Google search results, which […]

SEO Link-Building: Handbook (2022)

Link building in SEO

There are some similarities between search engines and humans. For instance, our impression of someone or something often depend on references from others. Search engines work following the same principle – they build an impression of a certain web page based on information from other websites. The more sites are referencing your website, the more […]

The importance of content in SEO (Content Optimization)

the importance of content in SEO

Every day the king of all search platforms – Google – processes 3.5 billion search requests. These requests demand a broad range of specific information. For example, if you wish to find out how long does rice take to boil, you can request this information using search engines. A website without such data will not […]