The importance of content in SEO (Content Optimization)

Mikelis Kalnins
the importance of content in SEO

Every day the king of all search platforms – Google – processes 3.5 billion search requests. These requests demand a broad range of specific information.

For example, if you wish to find out how long does rice take to boil, you can request this information using search engines. A website without such data will not be presented to you. Even if you consider a page useful for someone, Google and other search engine bots, which index the page, might not reach the same conclusion.

Essentially, by helping others, you end up helping yourself as well.

What classifies as SEO content?

SEO content is all information available on your website.

This includes, for example, “About” and “Services” pages, as well as a blog post about the valuable aspects of your services or a post about “an exhibition the company has participated in”.

Although text is the most common form of content, an image, video, infographic or audio can also sometimes account for it.

The more colorful and impactful the content, the better will your results be. Search engines, like humans, prefer diverse content.

How does content optimization influence SEO?

Good content increases your chances of reaching the top position in search results; bad content reduces it.

Google is strongly against copied content. If the particular content has been detected by Google bots previously, it is automatically deleted from the database. Simply because no user wants to see the same result twice. Search engines choose this approach to avoid drowning users in identical information.

As mentioned above, Google supports diverse content – both in structure and response to the requested question.

In 2015, Google upgraded its algorithm with RankBrain update, which monitors an additional signal. Now, Google also considers its user search behavior when ranking search results.

For instance, if a user after opening a search result returns back to search results page and choses different result, Google considers it a signal that the top search result has not been good enough. Therefore, the algorithm places these pages lower compared to other results.

10 years ago, it was possible to operate with low-quality content; however, with the advancement of RankBrain and other updates, it has become more and more difficult.


Content is a crucial part of an effective SEO strategy. Without good content, it is impossible to reach the top position in search results. Content extends beyond just text, and Google will appreciate the effective use of images and videos. Bad content will sink your web page further away from the top positions. Good, impactful content will achieve quite the opposite – lift your site amongst the top-ranking pages.

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